With a new country comes a new logomark. Having just moved to Canada and beginning to explore new opportunites, I felt it was time for a bit of an update for this site and related visual identity.

New Monogram

I explored quite a number of different options (not shown here) before originally settling for the version below:

Earlier monogram

I was striving for simplicity, but definition/clarity was definitely lacking in what that monogram was attempting to portray (Obviously - I thought - my initials ‘RH’). Simple, yes, but perhaps too abstract. I took John’s suggestion of working with lowercase instead as it would be more obvious.


WIP Variants

My last tweak was increasing the diagonal emphasis. I also liked that this gave a Blackletter feel, so it stuck.

Partly by design (or habit) and partly by way of my developing personal asthetic, I feel this new monogram matches the kind of minimal, geometric design I often aim for.